A tour of Wazhis.com Store

Since I have started this website in April 2011, the traffic to my site has been encouraging and has increase dramatically.  I however noticed that my store has not been getting as many visitors as the main page.   So, for the next few weeks I am going to showcase one of my products each week.

For starters,  Check out the temporary tattoo of Wazhis logo.  It is a 3.5 inch x 0.6 inch long. This temporary tattoo is an excellent choice for upper shoulders, arms or for right below your belly button!  Package includes directions to apply and skin color powder pad for applying the tattoo to your skin. Use you imagination to were else you can place this tattoo.  🙂   

For those brave Ladies who dare, this may add to the excitement of  your  first night out after your divorce .  Now, some of you may decide to use this tattoo while you are in the midst of  your divorce and you want to yank his chain.  Keep in mind that this may finalize your divorce, so don’t blame me for it. 

Go ahead, express yourself.  Please visit my store, your feedback and idea for new product are welcomed.

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