Welcome to WazHis.com, the official site for divorced women whom want to brag about what was it they took from the SOB whom hurt them in the first place.
                                                    It was his before, it is mine now!!
Share your story,
          Share your experience,
                       Share the pictures of what you have taken from him!!
I am brand new to the blogging world and have just started building this site. I’d like to make this website a place for divorced women, or men,  to vent and feel good for few minutes of absolute freedom from politically Correct aspect of their divorce. If you have something to brag about, then fire away, brag about it here.
I’m trying to make the site interesting. The list below is what I have in mind. I have to of course find a way to make it happen. No web designing experience here!! If any of you is willing to help, let me know.
My list so far:
–         Share pictures of what you have taken from him (family car, the house, the dog, his flat screen!!!… anything you wish
–         Get advice from others on how to take what you deserve, or even more than what you deserve!
–         The logo of this website (devils eyes), in the form of small and large stickers. Peal and stick on the car, on the TV or anywhere else. Declare your ownership.
–         Temporary tattoo of  wazhis.com logo. Large one on the lower back!! Smaller ones for anywhere you wish!
I am open to more ideas.
Enjoy and welcome to my site