Since I have launched this website in April of 2011, I’ve been receiving emails from  divorced men telling me that this is a mean and unethical website.  They’re  complaining about how unreasonable it is to have women brag about what they got out of their divorce.

Maybe they are right…….NOT 🙂

Truth is that I was tired of all the websites which were offering divorced women a shoulder to cry on or offering a lot of  “don’t worry, everything will be ok” advice and were in general portraying divorced women as broken down cars in need of lots of  TLC.  So, I came up with where women can talk about the other face of divorce.  The funny things is that not even one woman has yet used my website to brag about what she got out of her divorce,  and all these men are making a big fuss over  I wonder what will happen when women start posting and bragging on this website!

My message for divorce men who think my website is unethical, unfair, immoral and bias is : “Take it like a man, go home and cry on your pillow”……


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