Go Romney!

 Gingrich is the little angry manNewt Gingrich: 

Paul is the sometimes reasonable man:  

Santorum  is the Ahmadinejad of the U.S:  

Romney is the business man. He understands what it takes to BALANCE THE BUDGET!!!

I don’t know about you, but I for one am sick and tired of all the gibberish the news media is piling on my plate when it comes to the Republican Presidential Primaries.  After each Republican Primary debate, I hear so much conflicting reviews from supposedly “Reliable News Media” that I wonder if   we were all watching the same debate. I have talked to some of my friends, and every single one of them seems to feel like me.

I’m a simple minded person and simple explanation in plain English is what works best with me. The fantastic political analysis CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC or whatever other abbreviated News Channel is providing to me seems  well overwhelming and difficult to digest, especially when they change their views couple of days later.

Like any responsible American, I’d like to vote and I’d like for my vote to make a difference. For last few months, I tried to learn about the Republican candidates and tried to find the one which I think can do the best job (yes, I’m planning to vote Republican).  But, when I listened to the “Reliable News Media” and the “Political Analysts”, I was as lost as one could be. The experts never seemed able to put their views in plain and simple English. Every single commentary had some fancy angle to it. So, I finally gave up and decided to watch the debates and let my heart and brain decide for itself.

This is the simple way I see the Republican candidates:

 He is simply a little angry man with a lot of “Reagan Complex”. He talks the talk when it come to marriage and women, he however seems having hard time to walk the walk. His “Grandiose”  ideas are good, but not for a time when Americans have to decide between meal money or gas money.

Ron Paul:

A lot of what he says makes sense, specially his views about America’s inability in affording another war. I also like his idea of focusing on getting back on our feet before we extend a helping hand to other nations. What scares the daylight out of me is his views on reducing United States military presence outside the U.S. and closing most of our military bases around the world.  Call me selfish, but if the U.S is going to be in a war, I prefer it to be on somebody else’s land. So we need regional military presence to keep the war outside the mainland.

 Rick Santorum:

This guy is a religious fundamentalist. If by any miracle he is elected president, he will become the Ahmadinejad of the U.S. He is as dangerous for the world as he would be for women’s right to choose (yes I believe in women’s right to choose)

Mitt Romney:

I don’t like his Massachusetts Health Care program. But I think he is smart enough to learn from his mistakes and work a more reasonable Health Care program with the Democrats. He is a businessman and knows how to balance the budget. As much as some of us may not want to admit it, the U.S government functions like a business and can use some professional help!  In addition, Romney seems to be the only Republican candidate who may be able to get some traction amongst the Democrats also.

 Whether you agree with me or not, weather you’re a Republican or a Democrat, just make sure to vote and make a difference.

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